Season Schedule

The Central Pennsylvania Homeschool Orchestra season is defined by the year in which we present our concerts; it begins with auditions the previous summer and rehearsals commencing in September, and concludes with our free public concert in the spring.

To ensure that returning and prospective members can commit to CPHO, a complete rehearsal and performance schedule for an upcoming season is usually available at auditions, but no later than before members register and pay their fees.  Contact the CPHO administrator to see if next season’s rehearsal schedule has been confirmed!


CPHO rehearses in Carlisle every other Monday afternoon, September through March. In April a weekly schedule is assumed until our concerts at the end of April and beginning of May.

At the beginning of the season members are given a folder with their music parts and a syllabus that shows what pieces will be rehearsed on which dates. The syllabus will indicate which rehearsals are to focus on Associate pieces and thus require Associates to attend.

All members are asked to make attendance at CPHO rehearsals a priority and to avoid conflicting extracurricular activities that may result in disruptive tardiness, early dismissal, or complete absence. Every voice in the orchestra is important; when even one voice is missing, it makes a difference!


Concerts take place in the spring. These always include private weekday afternoon concerts near the end of April for the residents of several senior living facilities; and a public evening concert in Carlisle either the last Friday in April or the first Friday in May.  Some years may include additional concerts and venues; all public concerts are free.

All members are required to participate in all concerts and may only be excused if their absence was approved before the start of the season. Musicians are called to arrive one hour before concert start time to set up, warm up, and otherwise prepare as needed.

While musicians may dress casually for rehearsals, they are required to conform to standard black-and-white performance attire at all concerts, as described in the CPHO Policies and Procedures.

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