In order to provide opportunities for proficient as well as beginning musicians, the Central Pennsylvania Homeschool Orchestra is structured to accommodate a range of musical abilities. We offer two types of student membership – Principal and Associate – based on skills displayed in the audition; we also offer adult Mentor memberships as explained below.

Principal: Demonstrates skills sufficient to play the more difficult works in the CPHO library. Expected to learn all pieces in the concert program and to attend all rehearsals.
Annual membership fee: $70; 25% sibling discount ($52.50)

Associate: Demonstrates skills sufficient to play easier works in the CPHO library. Expected to attend only rehearsals at which Associate pieces will be worked on.
Annual membership fee: $50; 25% sibling discount ($37.50)

Mentor: Adult musician who supports the orchestra by playing an instrument it lacks. Accepted on recommendation; audition not required; pays no membership fee. Parents of our student musicians are welcome to participate as Mentors. Expected at most rehearsals, with consideration given for work/family commitments. Required to attain all Pennsylvania clearances legally necessary to work with minors. Included as Mentor members of CPHO are the Conductor and Administrator, who perform duties as outlined in the CPHO Policies and Procedures.

Because every voice in the orchestra is important, all members participate in all performances!

Membership fees cover the cost of music; purchase, upkeep, and replacement of percussion instruments and timpani; and administrative expenses such as insurance, music printing, concert programs, fees, etc. Because music and instrument expenditures occur based on membership commitments before the start of the season, the membership fee is non-refundable. There is an annual family cap of $200.

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